Metabooks Brasil – Database of Brazilian books in print

In July 2017 Metabooks Brasil starts live operation for publishers, distributors and bookshops

Metabooks is the metadata database for the Brazilian book market. After only eight months of development and a planned testing and customization phase of another two months, the Portuguese-language version of the German Books in Print – Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher (VLB) – has gone live in July 2017. Starting with more than 6,000 available titles, the system’s volume will gradually be expanded by data imports. A total of 39 publishers have already signed contracts for using the German technology export. Further deals are due shortly, resulting in a volume of more than 70,000 titles soon.

So far, Metabooks customers already account for more than 50 percent of Brazilian booksellers regarding market shares. Saraiva, the market leader among Brazilian booksellers, has already linked its systems to the database and currently uses Metabooks’ data for its daily business. Livraria Cultura, the second in the market, will follow briefly.

The wholesaler Casa de Livros Distribuidora has also decided to work with Metabooks.

On the publishers’ side, Grupo Editorial Pensamento, the Grupo Gen and the Grupo Record have been won as new customers during the last few weeks. Many other Publishing houses have already joined Metabooks, such as Companhia das Letras (part of Penguin Random House), Editora Melhoramentos, children’s publisher Girassol, trade publisher Faro, educational publisher Trilha Editorial, STM publisher Elsevier, WMF Martins Fontes (including the bookstore) and publishers Sextante and Intrínseca.

The market research company Nielsen Bookscan Brasil also uses Metabooks as a data provider for its services. Already in March, an exclusive agreement on the purchase of validated and standardized product information from the Brazilian book market was signed for the next three years.

The beta version of Metabooks Brasil was presented by MVB and the Brazilian Book Chamber Câmara Brasileira do Livro (CBL) at São Paulo’s book fair at the end of August 2016. The ongoing operation of the platform in Brazil is managed by Metabooks Brasil Ltda., in which both, MVB and Frankfurter Buchmesse have a share of 50 percent. The technical development of the systems is managed by the MVB Labs, MVB’s innovation division in Frankfurt.