Pubnet – The North American book trade's EDI community

250 active publishers / suppliers, 1,600 active retailers, 16.7 million business transactions in 2016

Pubnet organizes the order processes between publishers and book retailers with the standard global Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Orders are sent to Pubnet by ERP systems on a completely automated basis and forwarded to the appropriate publishers. The key benefit of the system is its increase in efficiency: Book retailers connect to a single system and can access all of the relevant publishers, while publishers no longer need to maintain separate links with thousands of book retailers. This is particularly relevant for communications between major book retailers and smaller publishers, and smaller book retailers and publishers.

For book shops, the service is free of charge with the exception of a setup fee, while publishers pay a fixed annual fee based on their use in the previous year.

Saving engergy and time

EDI messages supported on Pubnet include:

  • Orders
  • Order acknowledgments
  • Shipping notices
  • Invoices

Automating the sending and receiving of these documents can dramatically reduce the cost and time spent re-keying information, sending emails, dealing with faxes or sending information via the traditional post.