PubEasy – All the answers booksellers need in one place

Eleven American (USA) and three Canadian suppliers, 4,100 retailers in 100 different countries, 10.2 million business transactions in 2016

PubEasy is a web-based ordering system that is used all over the world. It only requires the minimum technical investment on the part of the customer and it can also be used without an ERP system. The application enables book retailers to find books, to research general and individual prices and availabilities on a daily basis and to manage their orders – including the order confirmations, order histories and order status data.

The service is completely free of charge to book retailers, while publishers pay a fixed annual price based on their use in the previous year.

Saving engergy and time

PubEasy is the answer to a lot of frequent questions:

  • Where are the books I ordered?
  • Can I place my order now?
  • Is this title in stock?
  • How much is this book?
  • What’s the status of my backorder?