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Commerce services

The North American book trade‘s EDI community

Pubnet organizes the order processes between publishers and book retailers with the standard global Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Orders are sent to Pubnet by ERP systems on a completely automated basis and forwarded to the appropriate publishers.


Commerce services

All the answers booksellers need in one place

The web-based ordering system PubEasy is used all over the world. The application enables book retailers to find books, to research general and individual prices and availabilities on a daily basis and to manage their orders – with only a minimum of technical requirement.


Metabooks Brasil

Metadata database of Brazilian books in print

Metabooks, the Portuguese-language version of the German Books in Print “Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher (VLB)”, was launched in July 2017. 39 publishers have already signed contracts resulting in a volume of more than 70,000 listed titles soon. More than 50 percent of Brazil’s booksellers – regarding market shares – are already Metabooks customers.


Digital services

The book discovery tool for the publishing industry

Preview ist now called VLB-TIX. The digital track information system for novelty is a platform for communication in the book industry on a daily basis and it complements the books-in-print-catalogue (VLB). VLB-TIX improves the flow of information between publishing houses, booksellers, journalists, bloggers and interested readers.